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New Student Registration


We would love to have you join us as an Institute for Sexual Wholeness Student. This page will help guide you in how to begin learning sex therapy.

The prerequisites:

So, what's required to become a student? Besides a calling and desire to study sex therapy, you must have a bachelors degree to apply and take the introductory class. You must have, or be pursuing, a masters degree in a counseling related field to take intermediate and advanced classes without special permission. Counseling related fields include degrees like counseling, marriage & family therapy, clinical social work, psychology, pastoral counseling, etc.

Don't have a masters degree? Consider pursuing a degree in counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont where you can earn a certificate in sex therapy while earning your masters.

The Process:

Contact Us Form Application Form Registration Form



We would like to know you are starting this process. This gives us an opportunity to make sure your application and registration make it through all the steps smoothly. It also gives us a chance to contact you to answer any lingering questions. 

Contact us using this form, or by calling us at 404-998-6647.


ISW offers its courses through Richmont Graduate University. (This means the courses you take are accredited masters level courses. You will receive grades and an official transcript of your coursework.) As such, you must first apply to Richmont Graduate University as a non-degree seeking student pursuing the Institute for Sexual Wholeness program. Richmont has a special online form for this. You can jump to the form here


Finally, you need to register for the class using this form. You can wait until a couple weeks before class, or you can send in the registration form along with your application (your choice). Since this is your first class, you will be registering for CED 6512. 

Once your registration is submitted and your application is approved you are set. All you need to do next is arrainge travel and lodging for the weekend of class.